Individual Coaching Programs

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I work with both individuals and organisations to develop tailor-made coaching programs in the areas of leadership development, character development, relationship skills and career progression.

Leadership Development – leadership excellence, leadership behaviour, effective engagement, internal networking, setting goals/visions and strategy development.

Character Development – behaviour change, personal competence, self-enhancement, personal growth, behaviour effectiveness and personal success.

Relationship Skills – communication, conflict resolution, understanding personalities and stakeholder management.

Career Progression – promotion, fulfilment, direction, and management.

Coaching for individual excellence
I have helped career-driven individuals benefit from:

  • A reinvigorated drive and energy for career progression
  • A career path that is mapped against values, motivations and personality
  • Innovative ways of creating opportunities and solutions in the workplace
  • Strategies for coping with workplace demands
  • Tools for resolving conflicts with colleagues
  • Minimised stress and improved wellbeing
  • More effective communication and therefore better working relationships
  • Discovering the things that make you feel happy, motivated and inspired
  • Creating the right work/life balance
  • Overcoming fear and procrastination that hinder work performance and ambition

Coaching for improved organisational performance
I have helped organisations nurture their top talent to deliver the following business benefits:

  • A well-defined strategy to increase staff engagement, loyalty and motivation
  • Development of inspirational leaders who empower, recognise and reward performance
  • Creation of a strong culture and set of values that fosters excellence and effectiveness
  • Better performing teams that deliver higher levels of productivity and profitability
  • Cost savings on staff turnover and absenteeism
  • Immediate conflict resolution and lower levels of bevahioural issues
  • Exceptional customer service that drives revenue growth, increased market share and brand reputation

About Individual Coaching

The Individual Coaching program is a personalised one-to-one 90 minute session that runs typically on a fortnightly basis.  I offer coaching on a one-off basis, or packaged into a series of 6-12 sessions.

For clients that are not located near the Sydney CBD I do conduct sessions over Skype, however face-to-face is the most effective method.  You can find out more about my coaching methodology by clicking here.

I offer a complimentary coaching assessment to those looking to learn more. Get in touch now to organise this for you or an employee, or find out more about me.

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