Emma – Small Business Owner, Eastern Suburbs Sydney

Posted on August 25th, 2011 | Comments Off on Emma – Small Business Owner, Eastern Suburbs Sydney

“Earlier this year I came to the realization that I was avoiding some administration tasks and choosing to focus my time and energy on what I’m passionate about. The longer I procrastinated the bigger and more out of control the tasks became which started to create internal stress and resentment. Aware this could potentially distract me from my core business I decided to ask Nicola for help. Within a few sessions I was able to gain insights and clarity around my challenges and put strategies into place to address them. I found the process of talking to Nicola empowering. Through her excellent questioning I came up with different solutions and options to tackle my problem and I now have a future vision for my systems and processes. As a Business Coach Nicola is very supportive, engaging and caring. She is also very passionate about her work and lives by her advice.”

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