Group Workshops & Training

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I apply leadership coaching techniques to on-site workshop and group training sessions across a broad range of topics.  The session content is developed in conjunction with the organisation to achieve the desired results.

During each workshop, I deliver cutting-edge coaching solutions in a classroom environment.  My workshops are practical, so that participants are fully engaged and learning is maximised.

My most recent workshops include:

  • Leadership Excellence
  • Successful Goal Setting
  • Effective Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Building Resilience
  • GROW Coaching model (Goal, Reality, Options, Way Forward)

A workshop designed around your business objectives

The Group Workshop program is a tailor-made, interactive session crafted specifically for the needs of the organisation.  I produce workshop programs that are designed to meet a specific set of needs and objectives.

The workshops are typically designed for 5-15 participants – however this can be adapted as required.  I run both half day and full day workshops, depending on how much content is to be covered.

Get in touch now to organise a workshop for your staff or to find out more about my services.


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