Relationships are the Foundation to Lifes Fulfilment

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I truly believe the quality of our life is driven by the quality of our relationships. If we’re not feeling loved and supported in this area it can have a detrimental effect elsewhere in our lives. Our relationships are such a big influence on how happy and successful we feel, both at work and at home.

I had this validated recently through a survey I conducted with a group of successful career-driven women. The results were insightful and worthwhile sharing.

First some basic statistics. Of the women surveyed – 65% were married or in long-term relationships, 27% were single and the majority of the participants (76%) were between the age of 30-45 years old.

When asked the question, “how important is it to have a loving and healthy relationship?” 96% felt it was either very important (24%) or extremely important (72%)

When asked the question, “how important is it to have a fulfilling and healthy sex life?” 72% felt it was either very important (40%) or extremely important (32%)

When asked what they considered the top 3 relationship challenges to be:

  1. Lack of quality time together – other priorities i.e. children, work, hobbies (46%)
  2. Single and struggling to find/attract their life partner (28%)
  3. Don’t seem to be able to communicate effectively, often there are misunderstandings (20%)

When asked what they considered the top 3 intimacy challenges to be:

  1. Struggle to find the time and/or energy because of other priorities (38%)
  2. Single and not experiencing sex in a committed relationship (24%)
  3. Issues present in the relationship that put them off wanting sex (16%)

(pleased to see no-one claimed they “don’t enjoy s.e.x” :-) )

So what do these results tell us?

Well firstly, we’re not making time or giving our relationships and sex lives the priority it deserves. Rather we are allowing other things such as careers, children and day-to-day life to get in the way. Secondly, far too many wonderful women are single and struggling to find that special someone. And thirdly, we don’t seem to be able to communicate want we need in the relationship – do we even know our needs? And in the case where we do, are we expecting our partners to read our minds? I know I’ve been guilty of that in the past!

Having already pre-empted these issues, I asked the participants to select the top 3 topics of interest for improving their relationships. They were:

  1. How to rekindle the passion and keep your love alive
  2. Mastering the art of win/win communication
  3. Understanding your partners needs and how they may differ from yours

And in addition to this, the topic of finding, attracting and keeping a life partner was of interest to the single women.

So how can you learn to overcome your challenges / frustrations?

As a coach I primarily focus on offering one-on-one coaching to those that prefer a more personalised service. Outside of that, and in response to this survey, I have created a series of workshops that will educate and empower women to experience the love lives they so desire.

If you are curious to explore how your relationship can be more fulfilling or you’re seeking to meet the man of your dream, please contact me to discuss the options available. “There is only one happiness in life: to love and be loved” – George Sand.

In analyzing the results I was delighted to hear that a number of women are experiencing wonderful relationships and great sex lives. Proof that it is achievable and men and women really don’t live on different planets :-)

Thank you to all the fabulous women who participated in the survey x

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