“I had seen Nicola present through CPA and could see that she was very good with people and someone that if I needed some guidance I could go to. I had been at the same company for a number of years straight out of university and didn’t quite know if I was on the right track with applying for a new role, did my resume look right, how to prepare for an interview, even what type of roles to be looking at etc. Nicola makes you feel very comfortable straight away & uses a number of techniques to help you look at your values and what you really want, from here you then work on a plan of how you are going to get there. Nicola really helped to assure me that what I was doing was right, that if well prepared you can land that role you really want and also helped me to look at what I want not just in the short term but also the long term in my career. After a few sessions the role that I really wanted came up and I went in with so much confidence that I was able to show the interviewers that I was the right person for the role. I have now been in that role for five months and I am loving it. Some of the lessons I received from Nicola I can take with me for life and this is something I am very grateful for.”

- Tim – Finance Team Leader – Sydney NSW

“I would highly recommend Nicola to anyone who is struggling with any aspect of their life, be it personal or work related. Nicola is extremely professional, but also very personable. Most importantly, she is non-judgmental and made me feel extremely comfortable at all times. This enabled me to speak openly and honestly. I was very impressed by Nicola’s coaching techniques and behavioral theories, and was able to easily apply these to my situation. Nicola has given me the confidence to move forwards and focus on the future. I would not hesitate to recommend Nicola.”

- Amy – Consultant, Sydney

“I met with Nicola after the breakup of my marriage. In the space of two months she helped me to confront the reality of my situation, understand and process all my feelings and ultimately take some big steps forward with my life. She supplied a variety of helpful tools and techniques, but her real talent was asking the right questions to get me to verbalize/ acknowledge everything and what needed to be done next. I always left her sessions feeling recharged and ready for the next challenge. Would highly recommend for anyone struggling with a similar situation. Thank you Nicola”

- Matthew – Senior Manager, Sydney

“As a young person in early stages of my career, Nicola’s guidance has enabled me to not be afraid of thinking outside the square and exploring different options. As a coach she is very friendly and non-judgmental. She also points out your positive qualities and helps you build confidence in yourself. I would recommend her to anyone  feeling stuck in their job or feels guilty for wanting to leave or explore other opportunities, even due to a lack of confidence. She is awesome :-)”

- FF – Accountant, North shore Sydney

“I wanted a coach to help me improve my self-confidence as this was holding me back from promotion. The role I was in no longer challenged me and I was frustrated nothing was happening with my development. I also needed to change my lifestyle as I wasn’t happy with my weight. Nicola, guided me and provided me with the clarity to look at things from a different perspective, a perspective I can see now that are true qualities required to broaden my exposure , both in my career and personal life and to eventually becoming a better ME. Nicola didn’t just listen and provide reassurance like you would normally get from a coach/mentor but she provided me with something even more valuable , Nicola taught me to change my thinking which in return brought clarity and confidence. I would absolutely recommend Nicola, I wish I had more of her, like a Jeanie in a bottle !”

- Michelle – Finance Manager, Eastern Suburbs Sydney

“I needed a coach to help me think through a set of decisions that I had to make in my life and my career, which were using too much mental energy processing them on my own. I came across Nicola and her style and approach seemed to fit what I needed. She certainly lived up to my expectations,with her relatively light touch yet challenging method helping  me get a resolution and provide a way forwards, both in terms of the immediate decision and in other areas that I had not considered. I can strongly recommend Nicola and look forward to working with her again in the future.”

- Daniel – General Manager, Retail – Sydney

“Earlier this year I came to the realization that I was avoiding some administration tasks and choosing to focus my time and energy on what I’m passionate about. The longer I procrastinated the bigger and more out of control the tasks became which started to create internal stress and resentment. Aware this could potentially distract me from my core business I decided to ask Nicola for help. Within a few sessions I was able to gain insights and clarity around my challenges and put strategies into place to address them. I found the process of talking to Nicola empowering. Through her excellent questioning I came up with different solutions and options to tackle my problem and I now have a future vision for my systems and processes. As a Business Coach Nicola is very supportive, engaging and caring. She is also very passionate about her work and lives by her advice.”

- Emma – Small Business Owner, Eastern Suburbs Sydney

“When I shifted careers from event production to loyalty marketing I constantly doubted if I had made the right decision.  I approached Nicola for some Career Coaching to get some clarity. She quickly challenged my reasoning’s, habits and excuses that I kept going back to. She was structured in her approach, yet appropriately flexible to respond to me as an individual. She was efficient in her preparation for our sessions and she helped me plan – and followed up on – action points, communicating easily and openly with me. She listened actively and reflected back to me relevant points I had made and positions I had taken in a way which constructively helped me to assess my progress and continue to move forward. Her positive outlook, her perception, her broad view of possibilities and her encouragement gave me the tools to create options I didn’t even think would be available to me – her work helped me enormously. As a result I have been able to take a significant step forward in my career and life planning.”

- Rebecca – Loyalty Marketing Manager, Inner West Sydney

“Nicola and I quickly built a friendly rapport which led to very open and honest conversations.  Her approach was very thought provoking which led me to think differently to better myself. The practical exercises also helped me to gain further clarity.  As a coach Nicola is a great listener, friendly and personable and ensures you are accountable for the outcomes and changes you desire.”

- Mark – Communications Manager, Melbourne

“Nicola is a great person to bounce ideas off, she has lots of energy and enthusiasm and is 100% committed to helping you find solutions to issues. Her dedication has helped me reach my goals and set new ones. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

- Victoria – Operations Manager, Sydney